DGC Broadsway Cascapedia of Dracoonfly
Sire: IW, RW, SGC Broadsway Redding, OS
Dam:  TGC Dracoonfly Deveraux of Broadsway

Updated 10/6/11

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Cassie fit right into our household the minute she got here.  She seems to have inherited her Outstanding Sire's wonderful typey muzzle, tight ear-set and extra long lynx tips.  She has the gloriously full fluffy tail exhibited by so many of our girls.  Cassie is a ticked torbie, meaning she has the ticked tabby pattern lacking barring on her body.  Cassie's favorite trick is to jump into your arms while you are standing upright, often when you least expect it.  Our gratitude goes out to Jennifer Sable and Jean Thompson of Broadsway Cats for gracing our lives with Cassie.   We know we aren't supposed to have favorites, but Cassie had us with hello.  Read more about Cassie on Sharon's Blog


Cassie at 4 years


"Are you my mother?"


Cassie at 2 years


Sharon with Cassie (9 months old) at the TICA show in Ansonia, CT


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Cassie at 7 months

Photos by Roadshow Photo, Inc.




Cassie at 3.5 months


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