Dracoonfly Kinsey Sprite "Kinsey"

Retiring Adult Available

Sire: RW Kelimcoons Moose Tracks
Dam:  TGC Dracoonfly Miramichi Special

DOB: 5/20/08

Updated 2/15/10

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Kinsey is from Myra's first litter.  We wish we could have kept all the kittens from Myra's litter with Moose as they all had incredible type and personality.  Kinsey has a beautiful classic pattern, outstanding tall ears, great expression and a tendency to create trouble with her mischievous ways. 

Kinsey at one year by Helmi Flick


Bird-watching out the window at 10 months


Kinsey at 8 months


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Kelsey with Kinsey - 6 months


Kinsey - 7 weeks old

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