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Sassy's Kittens

Updated November 5, 2013

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 Sassy's - 1    Ginger's - 2    Boom Boom's - 3    Crystal's - 4   

Amy's - 5       Myra's - 6     Other Litters - 7


This project has taken on a life of its own as proud Dracoonfly kitten owners continually send in new photos showing the way their kittens look as they are growing and into adulthood.  It's become a good way for previous kitten buyers to keep up with how their cat's littermates look as well as a way to get an idea of how a kitten will develop.  This page had gotten so long that it has been split up so each breeding queen now has her own page to show off her babies.  If a particular queen hasn't had a lot of kittens yet and/or was retired early, you can find her offspring under the "Other Litters" button. 

Littermates have been grouped together with the younger ones at the top and the original "call names" we gave them have been included.  Some chose to keep our names, but most came up with better names for their kittens.  You may notice a theme for each litter assigned by our kids.  This page is a work in progress so check back often for updates.

As Sassy was our first breeding queen, she gets the first page.  A Grand Champion herself, Sassy produced 5 CFA Grand Champions, earning her the additional title of Distinguished Merit.  Many of our breeding cats descend from Sassy, inheriting her wonderful type and health.

GC Coonoak Sarsaparilla Float of Dracoonfly, DM

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Offspring of Sassy and Bugger

(l-r) Addy, Phoebe, Crystal, and Rufus (formerly Saturn, Venus, Jupiter & Mercury, the Planet Litter)


Rufus lives with Olga in New Jersey

Crystal was kept for show/breeder and is now retired, living with one of her sons and Barry in CT. Visit her page


Addy graces the home of Bob and Elaine in Mass.

Phoebe (shown here at 5 years old) resides with Nancy in Connecticut



Winter (4 Season Litter), a.k.a. Blue Damsel "Cricket" and Ariel (out of Ginger), as babies  →

Cricket shown at 3 years.  She lives her half-sister Ariel (see Ginger's page), Pennie and Bob in CT.  Cricket is the only blue tabby kitten that Sassy ever had.



Spring, aka Same Thing Murray with Kelsey at 1 week Murray (still handsome and 23 pounds at 5 years old) became a very successful show cat in 2005-2006.  He's retired now and lives with Timi and Lew in Connecticut. 

The entire Four Season Litter                                               (l-r) Summer, Autumn, Spring & Winter Colorful Autumn kept her name and lives with Eileen & Bryan in Massachusetts where she has Fish Television

Solo a.k.a. Quill Gordon, was our Christmas Kitty in 2005

(Solo was a singleton kitten)

Solo now lives with Diana, Rick and his big sister Cahill (see below) in Minnesota


Uno was also a singleton kitten Uno at 2 years old.  He lives with Jeff in Massachusetts.

Offpring of Sassy and Adventhill Killian's Irish Red

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Scratchy (Itchy & Scratchy Show), aka Scarlett (front), Ginger in back

Scarlett is a California girl now with Gabby and Nick's family


Ginger remained with us to become one of our best breeding girls, producing lots of beautiful, healthy kittens.  She retired from breeding in 2009 and now lives with two of her kittens in the home of Carleen and Mike in Connecticut.  Click here to check out Ginger's offspring.

Offspring of Sassy and Tabbeyrd Marcus Brutus

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Bubbles the kitten (Powerpuff Girl Litter)

Beautiful Bubbles lives with Kate's family and her brother Mac (see Ginger's page) in MD


Blossom, a.k.a. Cosseboom the little cutie patootie Boom Boom was kept as for show/breeder and is now retired. Shown here with our Holland Lop, Avery, Boom Boom now lives with Ruth & John in North Carolina.

Offspring of Sassy and Tabbyrd Silver Submarine of Howlyn

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Trinity, aka Sadie looking incredibly cute (Matrix Litter)

Sadie is in charge of Kristin, Russ and her brother Duncan (see Ginger's page) in Connecticut


Pretty in pink, Cahill Quill at 3 weeks of age (also the Matrix Litter, but never got a Matrix theme name) Larger than life, Cahill lives with Diana, Rick and Solo (above) in Minnesota now.

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 Sassy's - 1    Ginger's - 2    Boom Boom's - 3    Crystal's - 4    Other Litters - 5

Amy's - 5      Myra's - 6     Other Litters - 7


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