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DOB:  5/23/03

updated 5/17/17

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Bugger was retired from breeding after several years of serving as a "working male" for Dracoonfly. He remained here with us until his passing on May 16, 2017, one week before his 14th birthday, after fighting cancer for almost two years. Bugger's call name stems from the Woolly Bugger fishing fly we wanted to originally name him after. We settled on the more regal-sounding name of Hendrickson for his registration. Bugger was our patriarch and Dracoonfly's first breeding stud male who has left a legacy of "Bugger Babies," many of whom share his famous "Bugger Glare."

During Bugger's reign, Sharon not only showed him successfully in CFA and TICA, but she also brought him along for a television interview and a photo shoot for Arm & Hammer Cat Litter. 
Bugger was on the NECN show "The Secret Life of Animals" June 8, 2010. You can see him and his son online at   Click here to watch.


Bugger plays the role of "Spike" for Arm & Hammer.  Look for his inspiring portrayal of Spike in magazines nationwide.


Bugger surfs the Web (apparently without even looking at the screen)


Bugger at Three Years (below)




 Count Hendrickson at One Year


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Five months


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Three Months


Four Weeks


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Show Accomplishments 2004-2005

CFA One-Show Grand Champion and Regional Winner, 2004-2005

25th Best Allbreed Champion in the North Atlantic Region in CFA

TICA Supreme Grand Champion and Regional Winner

16th Best Longhair Champion in the Northeast Region in TICA

Screened clear of HCM five times by ultrasound, last on 8/20/10
Negative for cMyBP-C HCM DNA mutution
Negative for SMA as determined by testing of offspring



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