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Updated June 30, 2017

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6/30/17 - The 2016-2017 show year was the year of Rio. Dracoonfly Rio Grande King finished out the year as a TICA International Winner and Number One Cat of the Northeast Region! Also of note, Marikoons Gypsy Stone of Dracoonfly "Morgan", who is out of our retired stud Levi, earned a Regional Win as a kitten.
5/25/15 -  Dracoonfly has finished out the show year (which always concludes at the end of April) with three regional winners! Dracoonfly RW, SGCA Halley's Comet was brought back out and earned another RW in TICA. RW, QGC Dracoonfly Bumble Puppy and RW Broadsway Glitterbear of Dracoonfly also earned regional wins. Click the links for their pages for details and pictures of the boys.

10/21/14 - One of the kittens we sold several years ago has now made the local news!  Dracoonfly Bruschi (out of Bugger and Callie) had his owner send in a video of him enjoying a favorite past-time...being vacummed.  See the news video here.
9/15/14 - I am a "breed expert" in a new book by Rosemary Kendall, Maine Coon Cats - The Owners Guide from Kitten to Old Age.  I am featured in a bonus chapter interview in the back and have a few pictures included as well.
5/28/14 - During the past month, American Maine Coon breeders have gradually become aware of a test for Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency in our cats.  Historically, this disease has been known only to affect Abyssinian and Somali cats, but apparently it can affect other breeds as well.  All of our adult breeding cats have now been tested by the labs at UC Davis.  We will test any future breeding cats later.  Fortunately, only one was found to be a carrier for the gene, Levi, one of our studs.  The other cats are all negative.  As a carrier, Levi will not get PK Deficiency, but now that we know about it, he will  not be bred to another carrier to risk producing affected kittens.

For more information about the new test for Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency (PK Deficiency), click here

3/28/14 - Announcing the arrival of Candycoons Proud Mary of Dracoonfly!  I think we're going to call her Tina.  Thanks to her breeder, Alessa Krafek for all her work in getting Tina over here from Austria.   
3/6/14 - Brother and sister team, Wilkinson and Carey, had their hearts echoed by Board Certified Cardiologist Dr. Mark Stamoulis who found their hearts to be healthy and free from any signs of HCM.

2/24/14 - Flitten Lebanon Levi of Dracoonfly earned the Best Cat he needed to become a TICA Supreme Grand Champion in at the Salty Cats Cat Show this past weekend in Framingham, Massachusetts.  Levi is already a Grand Champion in CFA, that association's highest title.  We are so proud of him.  Thanks again to Levi's breeder, Kim Paine, for this awesome cat! 
11/4/13 - It's an emotional day as Sassy was released from her fight with cancer today.  Read more about her on Sharon's Blog.
10/24/13 - Levi is being campaigned for a regional win in CFA, but I decided to see how he'd show in TICA.  Okay I guess, since he was Best Cat in Show at Boscats in Hartford this past weekend.  To follow that up, I took Levi and Abby to their scheduled heart echoes with Dr. Mark Stamoulis today where their hearts were pronounced as "awesome".  Winning cats, inside and out!
9/16/13 - Levi is here!  He is our new stud from Kim Paine of Flitten Cattery.  You can see pictures of Levi's awesomeness on our Males page.
9/2/13 - Our current stud, Pompier, has been neutered and retired from breeding.  We have plenty of his lines in our breeding females and need to make room for Levi.  Pompier will be available to a qualified pet home soon.
8/8/13 - Coming Soon: GC Flitten Lebanon Levi of Dracoonfly as a future stud.  We are SO excited to be getting this love muffin from Kim Paine.  Of course, Levi will continue the year showing as well.  Our other stud, Pompier, will be neutered and retired from breeding soon.
1/31/13 - Tippet and Pompier's hearts were ultrasounded by veterinary cardiologist Mark Stamoulis today.  Both cats have normal, healthy hearts.

RW, SGCA Dracoonfly McDreamy is featured on a seven-foot banner for The International Cat Association (TICA).  The banner is traveling around the country to different shows. It will be displayed next at the Westchester Cat Show in White Plains, NY on November 17-18.  McDreamy is owned by Tracy Dopko and out of Luckypaws Downeaster of Dracoonfly and Dracoonfly Miramichi Special.

From Dr. Lisa Freeman regarding the Tufts Study on HCM and obesity in Maine Coons that Dracoonfly participated in two years ago:


I hope things are going well with you and your cats.  I wanted to let you know that we completed the Maine Coon study that you participated in last year and the results were published last week.  Im providing a summary of the results below, as well as a link to the article which was published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.  Although we have a lot more research to do before we can make good recommendations to help reduce the risk for HCM in Maine Coon cats, we believe these results give us a good start.

Thanks again for your assistance with the study

Kind regards

Dr. Lisa Freeman


Summary: Body size and metabolic differences in Maine Coon cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Lisa M. Freeman,1 John E. Rush,1 Kathryn M. Meurs,2 Barret J. Bulmer,3 Suzanne M. Cunningham1

1Department of Clinical Sciences, Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, North Grafton, MA

2Department of Clinical Sciences, North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Raleigh, NC

3Tufts Veterinary Emergency Treatment and Specialties, Walpole, MA 

This project was supported by the American Association of Feline Practitioners and by grant number UL1 RR025752 from the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR). Results were presented, in part, at the 2011 American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Forum and have been submitted for publication. 

An interplay between growth, glucose regulation, and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) may exist but has not been studied in detail in this disease. The purpose of this study was to characterize body size, glucose metabolism, and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in Maine Coon cats with HCM. Body weight, body condition score, and abdominal circumference were measured in Maine Coon cats that were at least 2 years of age.  X-rays for measurement of bone size (front leg and spine) and echocardiography also were performed.  Blood was collected for biochemistry profile, DNA testing for the myosin binding protein C (MYBPC) mutation, glucose, insulin, and IGF-1.

Eighty-five Maine Coon cats were screened for the study.  Of these, the heart could not confidently be classified as either normal or HCM in 16 cats, 4 cats had other cardiac abnormalities (e.g., tricuspid valve dysplasia, ventricular septal defect, unexplained left ventricular dilation), and 2 cats had congestive heart failure. These 22 cats were excluded from further evaluation. Sixteen of 63 cats had HCM (3 were MYBPC positive and 13 were MYBPC negative) and 47 of 63 cats were normal (17 were MYBPC positive and 30 were MYBPC negative). Cats with HCM were more overweight, were larger at 6 months and 1 year of age, and had larger bone size compared to the cats without HCM. Higher glucose and IGF-1 levels, which may be related to diet or obesity, were found in the cats with HCM and provide possible clues on the underlying causes of disease.

  These results support our hypothesis that nutrition, early rapid growth, larger body size, and obesity may be environmental modifiers for the development of HCM.  However, much additional research is needed to evaluate effects of early nutrition on the development of HCM.


6-13-12 - Dracoonfly McDreamy "Mickey", out of Luckypaws Downeaster of Dracoonfly and Dracoonfly Miramichi Special, has finished out the 2011-2012 show year with two Northwest Regional Wins, 16th Best Kitten and 20th Best Alter.  He's the Third Best Maine Coon in the Northwest Region.  Congratulations and appreciation goes to Mickey's owner, Tracy Dopko.  Mickey achieved his kitten win in just three cat shows for each title (there aren't a lot shows near Alberta, Canada). 

5-31-12 - Lulu and Sunday's hearts were ultrasounded by veterinary cardiologist Mark Stamoulis today.  Both girls have normal, healthy hearts.  We even got to see fetal heart beats for Sunday's kittens in utero. 
5/7/12 - One of our future breeding queens, Gloria, had to be spayed due to pyometra (uterine infection).  Gloria is looking for her new home as a loving pet.  See our Kittens Page for more details.
3/18/12 - Our silver tabby stud, Luckypaws Downeaster of Dracoonfly was retired from breeding and has been placed in a pet home.  Thanks so much to his breeder, Lorraine Salan, for letting me have Downy as part of my breeding program.  He is such a loving, beautiful boy!
3/13/12 - For the seventh year in a row (as long as we've been doing it), Dracoonfly cattery has earned perfect scores for CFA's Cattery of Excellence and TICA's Outstanding Cattery ratings.  Thanks to our vet, Dr. Karen Brown of Stonington Veterinary Hospital for coming out.
12/26/11 - Both Myra and Mirage will be spayed and retired from breeding after their current litters are weaned.  They will be available to qualified pet homes in February and March.  Click the links above to see each cat's page.  Also, Ray, a red neutered male is available now.  Read about him on the Kittens page.  Contact us for more information and an application.   

2011 Holiday Card featuring Cassie and her 4-month-old daughter out of Bugger, Dracoonfly Marabou Bugger "Cassie Junior" or "CJ". 

12/19/11 - I'm not writing a holiday newsletter to all my kitten buyers from the past this year as it's just too much to do a mass email and make sure I don't miss anyone. This time of year is when I receive so many pictures of all the grown-up kittens, which I love to see. Please email your photos to me as JPG attachments or post them on our Facebook page so I can update the Pictures page on this website.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Look for Myra the Supermodel, posing for Designer Paule Ka! 

Click here to visit the Paule Ka website.


Every one needs a Maine Coon to accessorize their couch.


11/4/11 - Dracoonfly Maine Coon Cats is now on Facebook.  "Like" us to follow the happenings with our cats and kittens.
10/1/11 - Sharon sent in some photos to a calendar contest for Revival Animal Health months ago.  Turns out our kittens are representing September 2012!  The calendars are free and may be included in orders or ordered separately.  This was Trifle and Bugger's Rock City Litter (Kansas, Boston and Chicago) born in March 2010.  They are now living as pets named Lucy, Copper John and Schooner. 

9/14/11 - Trifle has been spayed and retired from breeding.  She is available to a qualified pet home to help us keep our numbers down.  Beautiful, flashy Trifle has no bad habits, is up-to-date on vaccinations, and has had a normal heart echo.  She gets along with older children, other cats and dogs quite nicely.  Click here to see Trifle's page. 
8/10/11 - Our long-standing stud male, Codycats Hendrickson of Dracoonfly, aka "Bugger" has been retired from breeding.  Bugger was a successful show cat and has been a wonderful asset to our breeding program as well as an ambassador for the breed.  See Bugger's page for more on our handsome retiree. 
7/4/11 - Last week we had Colonel Bates' heart screened by cardiologist Mark Stamoulis.  He is a big, healthy boy, inside and out. 

Read Sharon's blog about her Maine Coon presentation for animal science teachers in Marlborough, Massachusetts. 

6/12/11 - We have retired two of our beautiful queens and placed them into loving pet homes - Amy and Ally will be greatly missed, but we learned long ago to do what's best for the cat and keep the cattery numbers down. . 
6/6/11 - One of Dracoonfly's wonderful kitten owners has won recognition for the picture she submitted of Savannah to World's Best Cat Litter for their Cats Across the Country Contest.  Savannah represents the state of South Carolina, where she lives with Brooke and Joe.  Click the link and then click on SC to see beautiful
5/26/11 - Followers of Sharon's Blog....thank you for your support.  I am now blogging on the Ledyard Patch, a local online newspaper.  The blogs are under Local Voices.  I cover pretty much the same topics, but edited for a broader audience. Please click Recommend or leave a comment so the editor thinks I'm popular. :-) 
4/21/11 - Hoarding is a mental illness and when it involves animals, it's even more tragic.  Recently a hoarding situation involving a Maine Coon breeder in Orchard Park, NY has made the news.  The CFA Breeder Assistance Program is helping the Erie County SPCA (click here to read the story) to treat the 199 cats in the home and eventually place them.  Due to the serious and contagious health situations, the cats are only being released to veterinarians.  If you know of a vet who will be willing to help by taking in a few cats, please contact Jane Wright-Nunn at  If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please go to the Breeder Assistance site and mention NY Maine Coon Rescue with your donation.
4/12/11 - Dr. Karen Brown of Stonington Veterinary Hospital did our annual cattery inspection, giving us perfect scores and continuing our certifications as a TICA Outstanding Cattery and a CFA Cattery of Excellence for the 7th consecutive year.
4/11/11 - This past weekend our beautiful Dracoonfly Miramichi Special "Myra" got her second modeling job (her last job can be seen in the children's book Cat). Look for Myra in Vogue magazine around September accessorizing Paule Ka designs.  Read the whole story on Sharon's Blog.
3/22/11 - Dracoonfly Cattery is proud to announce our affiliation with Young Again Pet Food to our kitten buyers and owners of other pets (they make a fantastic dog food also).  The food's protein source is 100% American-grown meat; no corn meal or cheap fillers are used.  Your cats will get more protein with less consumption, which means not only will they keep their svelte cat shape, but they will eat less, truly.  I now spend 25% less on cat food each month than I did prior to switching brands.  The bag of Young Again lasts much longer than the dry food I used to use and is shipped directly to you.  If you'd like to try it, click the link above. 
2/17/11- Today we took Needahbah, Downy and Trifle for their heart ultrasounds with Dr. Mark Stamoulis, DVM, ACVIM.  They were too young to participate in the HCM study along with our other cats at Tufts University back in August (cats had to be over the age of 2 years for the study).  All three cats screened clear with perfect hearts.  Disclaimer: while no breeder can absolutely guarantee that heart disease won't show up in her lines, ultrasound is still the best method we have to screen breeding cats in an effort to eliminate it from the future kittens our cats produce.
12/15/10 - In response to her daddy's ad, Nino did a litter photo shoot of her own, thanks to her creative parents, Lauren and Michael.  Nino was part of the "Amanda Litter"

11/17/10 - Bugger's long-awaited print advertisement for Arm & Hammer Cat Litter is out!  We did the photo shoot in June and now he's on the back cover of the January 2011 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine and the December issues of Country Living and Health.  Those are the magazines his ad is in that we know of so far.


11/3/10 - Please note:  We are no longer going to keep a waiting list for upcoming litters.  The list has gotten too long and cumbersome to maintain.  From now on (Nov. 3, 2010), we ask that you check the Kittens page for birth announcements and available kittens, emailing us if you are interested after a new litter is posted.  Upcoming litters will continue to be posted so prospective kitten buyers have an idea of when to check the website. Anyone who is already on the waiting list will not be removed, however no new people will be added for unborn litters.  
11/2/10 - In our continuing efforts to bring in quality, outcrossed pedigrees, we are thrilled to introduce our newest future stud muffin - Calicoon Col. Bates of Dracoonfly. 



10/9/10 - A Dracoonfly cat is published again!  This time it's five-year-old Carla Santana, one of Ginger and Bugger's daughters, who is pictured in a new book by Christine Montaquila titled "Frenemies - Cats, Dogs, and Lessons in Getting Along".  The book has beautiful black and white photographs by Kim Levin of dogs and cats together.  Santana is in there twice with her doggie friends Jack and Maggie.  Many thanks to Santana's owner Kathy Dodge for arranging the photo shoot and sending me the book.  Santana's glorious torbie coloring can be seen on our Pictures page.

Santana and Jack

Caption reads, "Clean up your emotional messes."


Santana and Maggie

Caption reads, "Treat others with love, understanding and when necessary, drugs."


8/20/10 - We took our eligible cats to Tufts University in North Grafton, MA to participate in their Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) study (see below).  We're happy to report that all of our breeding cats continue to have normal healthy hearts.  While no breeder can guarantee with 100% certainty that HCM won't present itself in their cats, heart ultrasounds are still the best way of screening for this disease. 
8/17/10 - Tufts University is conducting a study on the effects of nutrition on heart disease in the Maine Coon.  If you have a Maine Coon over the age of two years, you may be eligible to participate. Cats can be with or without known heart disease.  Owners must be willing to bring their cat to Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in North Grafton, MA for a single 1-2 hour visit.   This includes registration, examination, echocardiogram, x-ray, blood pressure, and blood tests (including DNA testing for MYBPC3 mutation).  This is an incredible value both in what the client is getting for free and the benefit to the Maine Coon breed as a whole.  Eligible Dracoonfly cats will be going in for their exams this Friday, August 20th.  Hopefully, all Maine Coon breeders in the area will participate, but pet owners of Maine Coons are encouraged to take part also.  For more information, contact: 

Dr. Lisa Freeman 508-839-5395 x84696 or

Read more on the Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers website here

8/10/10 - This past weekend we attended the TICA Northeast Regional Awards Show in Boxborough, Mass.  Quill (since retired) earned the title of 8th Best Allbreed KittenTrifle was 19th Best Longhair Champion and Finn (owned by Tereasa Brainerd) was 6th Best Allbreed Alter.  Finn has been an International Winner and/or a Regional Winner for the past three years, giving him the additional title of Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.  To read more about Finn, see Sharon's Blog.  Visit the Dracoonfly show cats, past and present, on the Show cats page.

Finn's owner Tereasa Brainerd Making a mockery of Quill and Trifle's rosettes
6/16/10 - Introducing Luckypaws Downeaster of Dracoonfly!  Sharon flew to Florida and back yesterday to bring home this little love muffin with the incredible ears.  Click here to see Downy's page.

6/6/10 - We made the big time!  Well, not big, but bigger than we're used to in our neck of the woods.  Sharon, Bugger, and his 10-week-old son Boston were interviewed on an NECN show called "The Secret Life of Animals".  It can also been seen online. Click here to watchIf the link doesn't work, go to, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click the link for The Secret Life of Animals', then scroll through the previous shows to look for Bugger's big head.


Not only TV, but Bugger went for his first professional photo shoot last week in NYC.  He'll be in a print ad for Arm and Hammer Cat Litter, due out next month.  As if Bugger's head wasn't big enough already......
3/25/10 - Dr. Karen Brown did our annual cattery inspection, giving us perfect scores and continuing our certifications as a TICA Outstanding Cattery and a CFA Cattery of Excellence for the 6th consecutive year.

Our next cat show will be in Ansonia, CT on April 23-25.  Come visit!  Click here for more details

3/10/10 - Sharon attended the TICA show in Providence, RI this past weekend.  Quill has been neutered and was shown for the first time as an alter.  He got 6 finals and is now a Quadruple Grand Champion Alter.  Quill and Ess-C will be leaving together for their new home soon in Massachusetts.  Gargoyle had professional photos done by Helmi Flick so be sure to check her out on the Females page.
2/21/10 - We have spayed and retired two adult females, Ess-C and Kinsey.  They are both now available to a qualified home, separately or together.  Check the Kittens page for their pictures and more information. 

"Then and Now" is now called "Pictures" on the button links.  I have replaced the Pictures page which had kittens from several years ago with the more popular and up-to-date Then and Now pages.  This way there is a direct link to Then and Now (called just "Pictures") and I didn't have to rehash all the cute little links at the top and bottom of each page to fit in a new button.

I have decided to stop adding names to the waiting list for the time being.  It is pretty long and in the event that after the next litter is born, there are more kittens to go around than potential owners, I'll open it up again.  I don't like to let people get their hopes up for getting a kitten from an upcoming litter when in fact Trifle won't give birth to 15 kittens.

1/12/10 - Teri from New Jersey sent in this picture of her cat Killian, formerly known as Rikki (out of Cassie).  How cool is this cat?

1/6/10 - Happy New Year to the Dracoonfly followers (affectionately known as Site Stalkers).  Thanks to all the
new photos that flooded my inbox over the holidays, I had a LOT to add to the Then and Now pages.  
Keep those cute photos coming in and don't hesitate to remind me if you don't see your cat pictured.  I waited to do them all at once and may have inadvertently overlooked yours (either that or I had a problem with the photo).  If you have a Dracoonfly kitten or cat and did not receive a Holiday email from me, then that means I probably need your new email address.

New Jersey Kitten Buyers!  I'll be at the TICA show in Parsippany this weekend.  Come visit!

A big congratulations to our winners for the 2008-2009 show season!

Photo by Helmi Flick

IW SGCA Dracoonfly Finbar Conneff

TICA's Tenth Best Allbreed Alter Internationally

TICA Second Best Alter in the Northeast Region

TICA's Best Maine Coon Alter Internationally

Dracoonfly Cattery's First International Winner


Owners:  Tereasa Brainerd and Tom Peterson
SIRE:  RW SGC Codycats Hendrickson of Dracoonfly
DAM:  RW SGC Dracoonfly Cosseboom, OD
Already a Grand Premier in CFA, a Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion Alter in both CFF and TICA, this year Finn and his dedicated owner, Tereasa hit the show trail running and earned the title of International Winner with points to spare.  Finn is going on 4-years-old and exemplifies the fact that Maine Coons only get better with age.  Finn's story began when he appeared the day AFTER the rest of his littermates so he was referred to as the "Bonus Boy".  Finn still has the most glorious deep red coat on a Maine Coon EVER (hey, it's my website, I can say what I want).  Not only is Finn beautiful, he's a real sweetheart too.  Many, many thanks to Tereasa for never giving up and showing Finn to perfection and also to the judges for recognizing a great cat.


RW SGC Tanstaafl Mickey Finn of Dracoonfly

TICA's Eleventh Best Allbreed Champion in the Northeast Region

TICA's Fourth Best Longhair Champion in the Northeast Region

Breeder:  Beth Hicks


Sharon has started a blog chronicling the joys and frustration of living with a bunch of cats, a dog, a husband, two teenagers and now baby chicks!

Click here to read more on Sharon's Blog

March 4, 2009   Dracoonfly has earned the CFA recognition of Cattery of Excellence and TICA's Outstanding Cattery with perfect scores for the fifth year in a row.  This designation requires an annual inspection by our veterinarian, Dr. Karen Brown as proof of our adherence to a high standard of animal husbandry to raise happy, healthy pedigreed cats.  Our thanks to Dr. Brown of Stonington Veterinary Hospital for being our partner in quality cattery care.

Myra is published!  Look for Myra pictured 3 times in a new children's book called "CAT" where her tail will move with a pull tab. The book is written by Matthew Van Fleet, photography by Brian Stanton and due for release on February 10, 2009.  The book features photographs of many beautiful pedigreed cats.  Click here to see a video on demonstrating the book under Check Out Related Media.  Click Back on your browser to return. 

Myra as seen her new book "Cat"

Photo by Dragonfly Design, Inc.


Check out the Pictures page to see past kittens from each dam's respective litters.


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