Pedigree Of TICA SGC, RW/CFA GC Dracoonfly Cosseboom
BreedMaine Coon
VarietyBrown Patched Tabby-White
Breeder/OwnerSharon Stegall Crowley
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
CFA GC, RW/TICA QGC Tabbeyrd Marcus Brutus-of-Timilew
Brown Tabby
TICA QGC, RW/CFA GC, RW Tabbeyrd Bungalow BillGC Mt. Kittery Fr McKenzie of TabbeyrdSGC Mt. Kittery Macwahoc
SGC Heidi Ho Aurora of Mt. Kittery
GC Coontastic Dear Prudence of TabbeyrdDGC Adventhill Beauregard of Coontastic
Capecoon Shelby of Coontastic
CH Nantiss Magill of Tabbeyrd DMNantiss Grizz Lee BearTanstaafl Ted E. Bear of Nantiss
Hairbearei Beary Best of Cremocrop
Mainiac Bridget Beardoe of NantissMainiac and-Drew
Seawynd Kelli of Mainiac
CFA GC/TICA CH Coonoak Sarsaparilla Float
Brown Patched Tabby-White
Calabash's Bisquet
Red Tabby-White
CH Calabash's Aristotle
Red Tabby-White
GC, GP, IW Calabash's Zeus
Tabby-White *
Mysterymain's Athena of Calabash
Brown Patched Tabby
CH Hamptoncoon's Aldeberon of Calabash
Brown Patched Tabby-White
CH Whatacat Ivan of Hamptoncoon
Red Tabby
CH Hilltop Park Paloma Aurora
Tabby-White *
Croton Zoe
Brown Patched Tabby
Willowplace Thor of Croton
Brown Tabby
CH Masaitana Haut-Brion of Willowplace
Tabby-White *
Willowplace Raven Van Pelt
Caribcoons Kyra of Croton
Patched Tabby-White *
GC Little Tiger Willow of Mayne Chance
Brown Mackerel Tabby
Kitwilo Tempest of Caribcoons
Tabby-White *
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