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Updated 6/14/21

Koonstler Bonnie
DOB: 4/26/18

Koonstler Bonnie.jpeg

My dear friends at Koonstler Cattery in Providence have an adult spayed female named Bonnie who they have taken back and are trying to rehome. I am trying to help them find the perfect home for her. Bonnie was named after her grandmother, Dracoonfly Bonnie Belle, one of my former breeding females. Bonnie is a gorgeous silver ticked tabby and white with beautiful, unusual markings, including an adorable white spot on the top of her head. Bonnie is a lap cat who always greets her humans at the door and loves to play with toys. She has been living as the only cat in a quiet environment for the past three years and would be happiest in a similar situation. If you are interested in Bonnie, please email Koonstler@gmail.com for an application and pricing. You can see more pictures of Bonnie on the Koonstler website.