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Updated 4/9/20

Loxa x Fergus's 

  April Fools Litter 

DOB: 4/1/20

Being born on April Fools Day gives me a great theme.

Fools Rush In "Rush" - Brown tabby boy

Chain of Fools "Chain" - Brown tabby and white boy

Fool in the Rain "Rain" - Brown tabby and white boy

Ship of Fools "Ship" - Red tabby boy

Fools on the Hill "Hilly" - Brown torbie girl

What a Fool Believes "Believes" - Black and white girl

Why Do Fools Fall in Love "Love" - Silver torbie and white girl

As I give first priority to other breeders (including myself) and previous kitten buyers, I tentatively only have one kitten available, the black and white female, "Believes". 

PLEASE READ: I do not keep a waiting list for kittens. I ask that you check this page for birth announcements and available kittens, emailing me at Dracoonfly@comcast.net if you are interested after a new litter's arrival is posted. Please include an appropriate subject heading in your email such as "Kitten Inquiry" so your email doesn't end up in the Spam Folder and tell me a little bit about your household.  

Since the demand for Maine Coon kittens is tremendous, I am now posting on my website first and Facebook second. Due dates of upcoming litters will continue to be posted here on the website so prospective kitten buyers have an idea of when to check the website or email me.

As placing our kittens into the right home is very important, all prospective kitten buyers are expected to complete an application, which I will email to you, prior to approval. Other breeders I work with and previous kitten buyers have priority. Dracoonfly kittens do not leave for their new homes until they are at least 12 weeks of age, been spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, dewormed and have had two sets of their kitten vaccinations. 

Kitten buyers who already have a kitten reserved with a deposit and signed contract will be welcomed into our home once their kitten is 7-8 weeks of age and has had their first vaccinations. At that time, you will not only meet your kitten and littermates, but you'll also see where it has been raised and meet its parents (assuming the baby-daddy lives here; sometimes I use an outside stud to keep diversity in my lines). This is one of the advantages of getting your kitten from a breeder; seeing where it came from.

Parents of all kittens have had their hearts screened by a Board Certified Cardiologist using ultrasound and are presently clear of HCM.  Copies of the heart screenings are provided to kitten buyers.

Terminology definitions for kitten availability:

  • "Reserved" - A deposit and signed contract have been received for a kitten. It is NOT available.

  • "Tentatively Reserved" - Verbal promise.  Awaiting receipt of signed contract and deposit in the mail.

  •  "Under Observation for Show/breeder"- I am waiting to see how this kitten develops to determine whether or not he/she will be kept or sold to another breeder.  If not, then the kitten may become available to a pet home.  Please note that I only work with established reputable breeders I know.


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