Updated  6/8/21

All of these kittens are reserved. 

I am not expecting any more litters. Please read below.

Fergus wNuts&Berries
Fergus wNuts&Berries

Nuts&Berries 10&8.5 weeksrailing
Nuts&Berries 10&8.5 weeksrailing

Nuts-Cashew-5 wks
Nuts-Cashew-5 wks

Brown Ticked Tabby Male

Fergus wNuts&Berries
Fergus wNuts&Berries


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 All of these kittens are reserved. 
None are available.

The Berries
DOB: 3/29/21
Out of Loxa X Bomber

Gooseberry - Red ticked tabby and White boy 
Boysenberry - Cream ticked tabby boy
Huckleberry - Brown ticked tabby and White boy
Currant - Red ticked tabby girl

The Nuts
DOB: 4/8/21
Out of Trixie X Bomber
Walnut and Cashew - Brown ticked tabby boys
Pistachio - Blue ticked tabby
Macadamia, Brazil, Peanut and Hazel - Brown ticked torbie girls


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To my many Dracoonfly kitten buyers, fellow breeders, show exhibitors and Facebook followers, I am retiring my cattery. I will no longer be breeding cats; my current litters are my last. I am moving back to my home state of North Carolina in July.

In 2001, I fulfilled a dream and got my first Maine Coon cat, Coonoak Sarsaparilla Float “Sassy.” I took her to my first cat show in Groton, Connecticut and was hooked on this beautiful breed and the cat fancy. Since then, I have shown in CFA and TICA, producing International, Regional and Breed winning cats, CFA Grand Champions and TICA Supreme Grand Champions.

Cat shows became a social outlet for my weekends, giving me the opportunity to share my love of cats with wonderful people and travel across the US and Canada. I joined and led cat clubs, learning even more about how hard it is to put on a cat show. I met my closest friends at cat shows. A special thank you to all the people who mentored me and taught me so much, especially my dear departed friend, Lew Llewellyn.

I also learned the ups and downs of breeding cats and raising kittens. I found out that just when you think you’ve seen everything, a cat or kitten will come up with a new ailment or condition I’d never heard of. It became a joke whenever my vet said, “We normally only see this in dogs.” Maine Coons really are dog-like.

As I look back over the names of all the cats who graced my home, I can only smile from the joy they gave me. Sassy, Ginger, Bugger, Levi, Bear, Boom Boom, Myra, Amy, River, Rio, Sunday, Cassie, Bonnie, Tina, Puppy, Olivia, Bomber, Fergus, Trixie…these special cats and more contributed to Dracoonfly and have their own place in my heart. Their kittens introduced me to my kitten buyers, fantastic human beings who loved and welcomed my kittens as part of their families.

Bittersweet as it is, I am thankful for the whole experience, yet I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life. I encourage all of the people who currently have a Dracoonfly cat to please keep in touch. My email will remain active. 



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