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Selkirk Rex

What in the world is a Selkirk Rex? Check out the TICA description and history of the breed here. As the word "rex" implies, there are curls involved. I decided to try showing a new breed, and having naturally curly hair myself, I was attracted to the Selkirk Rex. Thanks to her breeder, Micah Silver, I am now the proud owner of Pocketcharm St. Clair of Oenophile, a darling cream and white Selkirk Rex Longhair (they also come in a Shorthair variety).


I registered a new cattery name, "Oenophile" which means wine lover. I could hardly use the Dracoonfly cattery name for any breed other than a Maine Coon cat, so I came up with something new.


Clair has been fun to show. She finished the show season in TICA as a Quadruple Grand Champion and as 15th Best Allbreed Kitten in the Northeast Region.


In July 2019, Clair produced her first litter of curly kittens. From that, I've kept a cream female, Oenophile Kim Crawford "Kimmie". Kimmie is homozygous for the curly gene, meaning more curls. Look for Kimmie at a TICA cat show in the Northeast.    

RW QGC Pocketcharm St Clair of Oenophile

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Oenophile Kim Crawford "Kimmie"

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